since 1986,
in the heart of Asti



The Convivio’s offer of wine is solely focused on Italian production. Such a decision has been taken not to neglect the interesting propositions coming from abroad, but, instead, to be even more focused on what is produced in Italy and, in particular, in Piedmont.

In our wine-cellar, the local Barbera is definitely the most important wine. For this reason, it is served in all its different types. This wine, which in the past twenty years has been constantly improving in terms of quality, represents nowadays an incredible resource for Asti and for Piedmont overall.

Our intention is to provide an attractive and complete view of this fascinating red wine.

Naturally, the other important wines from Piedmont are not missing in our offer. We have selected what we believe to be a comprehensive choice of Italian wines along with some of the lesser known wines in order to satisfy a larger variety of tastes.

It is always possible to order wine by the glass, whose selection varies on a daily basis.