since 1986,
in the heart of Asti



We would like to talk briefly about the mythic ‘white truffle from Alba’.

If there is in the world a product from the soil that managed to become a myth, this is definitely the white truffle from Alba (tuber magnatum pico).

Even at the time of the Roman Empire, the truffle was believed to be the son of lightening. When the lightening had hit the ground, it was believed that its son, the truffle, could keep its energy and confer it then to its consumers, who could then become really ‘performing’...

We are lucky to live in the zone of ‘production’ of this jewel of the soil considered so appetizing for the taste.

Unfortunately, as many other myths, also the mythic truffle is often abused by being treated without respect for business needs and unjust commercial behaviours.

We put the world ‘production’ in inverted commas meaning that the production of truffle is neither planned nor manageable since it depends, as everybody knows, on the findings of the truffle digger and on the support given by dogs whose scent is extraordinary. Truffles can be found in the countryside, in plots characterised by soil suitable for their production.

The ‘finding’ season is long, it starts from the first weeks of September until the period of frost, during which the dogs are not able any longer to smell the odour of the truffle through the soil.

The season is long and, as all the ‘fruits of the soil’, also the truffle perceives its changes by presenting different features that depend on the period of the find. We can claim the quality of the truffle improves with time spent in the soil. Therefore, the best truffles are those that are discovered late, when the cold season is approaching.

In our opinion, there is one aspect of the truffle finding that is particularly poetic. Actually, there are two. The first aspect concerns the couple constituted by the truffle digger and the dog. This couple acts mostly at night and silently.Indeed, the truffle diggers look for truffle especially at night, in the autumnal mists, fogs and frosts.

The truffle diggers look for truffle by being immersed in the silence of the countryside, which is only broken by the dog’s sniffing, by the murmured call of the truffle digger himself and by the voices of the owls. The darkness is only rapidly broken by the flashlight of the truffle digger, that illuminates the zone in which the dog is scratching, while looking for the truffle. The terrain, moved anxiously by the dog, is full of smells. First, there are the smells of the wet soil and then there is the intense odour of the truffle, that pervades the soil as well as the air.

For the dog, the rewards generally consists of a small piece of biscuit or even just a small piece of bread. For the truffle digger, the reward consists in the lucrative sale of the mythic ‘grey diamond’.


The truffle also has poetic aspects that might seem to be childish. Not everybody knows that when the cold season comes along, the truffle covers itself.Indeed, the more wintery season, the more the findings happen in the depths of the terrain.This seems to be a bit odd, but it truly happens. Such a fact has a clear explanation. Indeed, Mother Nature tries to allow the development of the truffle also when the first layers of the terrain are already affected by the nocturnal frost, which renders difficult the growth of the truffle. So, the truffle goes down into the depths of the soil where it manages to develop itself for the sake of the lucky people that will have it on their table.

In order to finish properly this overview of the truffle, it is important to give some hints about the best use of this treat when it is on the table. The white truffle is always served raw.he possible combinations are many, but we would like to recommend the match between the truffle and:

  • scrambled eggs or fried eggs accompanied by some crispy bread and vegetables,
  • ‘vegetables’ flans,
  • risotto,
  • ‘tajarin’ (traditional local pasta),
  • Roccaverano d.o.p. cheese,
  • beef carpaccio, dressed only with some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

These are only some hints for the various possibilities, also non conventional, that the truffle provides.

Regarding the just wine... it definitely will be the one that will inspire you in that moment, since the best combination between food and wine is “spiritual”.