since 1986,
in the heart of Asti




In Piedmont, the world of cheese is extremely various and appetizing. Indeed, even the cheese selection displays the fact that this region is on the border with France. Piedmont’s neighbouring territory is constituted by the two south-eastern regions of France. Such proximity greatly influenced the local dairy production. In Piedmont, we are honoured to have the only Northen Italy’s d.o.p. cheese made with goats milk, which is the glorious ‘Roccaverano’, from the Langa Astigiana.

This cheese, when its essence is fully expressed, can truly become a point of reference for peoples’ taste. The dairy production of Piedmont includes also rich and delicious ‘gorgonzolas’ from Novara as well as the well-known Castelmagno and other less known, but extremely interesting cheeses like Bra and Raschera. Finally, another cheese needs to be mentioned and remembered: the Robiola di Cocconato from Asti, in all its softness and sensuality.

In the restaurant ‘Il Convivio’ we have always taken care while selecting our cheese for our customers. The traditional combination of wines and cheeses can lead to actual peaks of pleasure. What we intend to do here is to reach these peaks, without assumptions but with extreme care.